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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 8, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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thank you for joining us, i'm mike hydeck. j.c. hayward is off today. first it was sandy. ten days later a nor'easter it seems the people of new york and new jersey can't catch a break. high winds, heavy snow, whipped the boardwalk in rockaway beach
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queens in new york and many people are not leaving. they're not budging. authorities say they are working around the clock trying to restore power and pump all of the flood water back out to sea. >> we want to be aggressive about protecting our community. >> there are still nearly 800,000 homes and businesses without power from the superstorm sandy: last week dominion electric sent 1500 crews from virginia to help the north restore the power in new york and new jersey and more on how it's impacking air travel and we'll have that locally in a couple can of minutes -- in a couple of minutes. but first other news now. d.c. authorities say faulty water heater sent carbon monoxide through the home here in northwest. this is 9:00 this morning on the street in northwest. which is near illinois avenue. medics examined six people living in the home and two of them were taken to the hospital and they are all expected to be okay. there's no word if the home had a working detector though at this point. we have some new
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information on a man named anetholes. he's also the man investigators -- aaron thomas, he's also the man investigators call the east coast rapist. he will plead guilty this month to two attacks in prince william and loudoun county. the loudoun case dates back to 2001. that's when a woman was raped in her apartment. investigators are now talking to a woman who was attacked by a serial groper in northern virginia. there were two incidents just a few minutes apart last week on hibbling avenue in springfield. police believe the assaulted started back in september. the victims range from 15 to 42 years old. and officers have increased patrols in the neighborhood now and investigators are also looking into similarities from a case last month in falls church where a woman was grabbed there as well. now it is innocencing day for the -- financing day for the than -- sentencing day for the man behind the tragedy in tucson. edward lawrence has the latest
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from tucson. >> reporter: camera crews are lined up outside the courthouse for the sentencing of tucson massacre gunman jared loughner. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords is among the survivors of the rampage who are expected to attend the hearing. giffords' husband former astronaut mark kelly is expected to make a statement before loughner is sentenced. giffords was shot through the head and is still undergoing extensive rehab. this week she came out to vote and updated reporters on the recovery. >> a lot of work. a lot of work but good work. >> reporter: loughner pleaded guilty three months ago after a judge ruled that loughner understood the charges against him. the agreement guarantees that the 24-year-old will spend the rest of his life behind bars without the possibility of parole. some victims including giffords say they're satisfied with the plea deal for loughner and it helps them move on with their lives. >> i dreaded the idea of having to go through a trial, not only for myself, but many of the survivors and the families of the victims.
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>> reporter: pam simon worked on giffords' staff. her good friend and co-worker zimmerman was killed. she is planning to address the court today. >> i think it will be important for me to just kind of have the closure of -- of making my statement about hoping that everyone involved finds a place of peace including jared loughner. >> reporter: it is not known where loughner will serve his federal sentence. edward lawrence for cbs news, tucson, arizona. now local prosecutors have not already decided whether or not they're going to file state charges against loughner. they could seek the death against him if they decide to do so. like with all elections, some voters are upset that their candidate didn't win. but it appears a virginia business owner is taking extreme measures following tuesday's presidential election. a jewelry store in bedford has posted a sign that reads -- quote closed to mourn the loss of america that our forefathers endowed to us. end quote.
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while some agree with the store owner that he has a right to express his opinion, others say the move upset them and they are no longer going to do business with him. the newseum is already gearing up for the inauguration. yesterday they lined the entrance every day with the front pages from newspapers across the country all proclaiming the president of getting re-elected. and since the inaugural parade passes by the building on pennsylvania avenue the newseum is offering up a special inauguration day viewing package for $100 visitors can view the inauguration on a giant screen and they'll also have a warm place to watch the parade. tickets go on sale today for newseum members and then next thursday to the general public. still ahead on the news at noon, ever wonder why and how storms get their name this is we'll explain that there's a secret -- names? we'll explain that there's a secret behind the weather name game. more on that when we come back.
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welcome back. now back to our top story. the nor'easter that's battered the regions of new york and new jersey, they are still reeling from sandy. and aside from widespread power outages all over again with this snowstorm, this latest storm is also making it more difficult to catch flights leaving thousands of passengers stranded at airports along the east coast. kristin fisher has that part of the story from reagan national. >> reporter: it's 7:30 this morning, there were still several flights canceled heading into jfk, laguardia, newark, from reagan national. but into the late morning and early afternoon, it is looking a whole lot better. now the worst of it was actually yesterday evening, between 1200 and 1300 flights were canceled across the northeast because of this nor'easter. train traffic also tied up. just look at the long lines last night for the long island railroad. snow-covered tracks suspended service for several hours.
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it since resumed running but only on a limited schedule. remember, this nor'easter moved ashore in the exact same location as superstorm sandy. nearly 800,000 homes and businesses are still without power. some people had just gotten their power back and then lost it for a second time the same day. i mean can you imagine the frustration? so while these cancellations are certainly no fun for flyers, especially business travelers, just keep in mind it could be a whole lot worse. at reagan national, i'm kristin fisher, 9news now. >> so of course check with your airline before you head out and hopefully you won't be delayed. the boy scouts of america, the national capital area council is asking you to join them in scouting for food. wusa9 is is a sponsor of the program and it benefits those in need. we want to welcome brian deputy scout compensationtive ncac. -- executive ncac. i'm a den leader and i'm going to do it this week. that's when you will find a
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white plastic bag and a little card about what to do and we're donating food to help the needy. tell us about the bags and what people do when they get them. >> we spent last weekend, over 13,000 boys and roughly 8500 adults that we know of that have been reported went out over the weekend and placed bags in northern virginia and in maryland. and mark is in the d.c. area. asking folks to if they would to place canned items, dry goods in these bags for us to pick up this weekend. and it's our effort to collect close to a million pounds of food this weekend through this effort to help feed the hungry neighbors we have in our community. >> where does it go? >> mostly to food banks, we have some food pantries but predominantly goes to the food banks and they're better at distributing the food than we are. >> we have a map and went into certain neighborhoods, what the somebody didn't get a bag?
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>> safeway stores will be collecting food and we also have area churches and congregations know they can bring food to the churches, bring it by the office, 9190 rockville pike in bethesda and depending don quantity of food probably get somebody to pick up at the doorstep. >> it's nonperishable in the bag right? >> canned goods and it's a chance for us to stock the food pantries. think about others and help feed the hungry neighbors. you want to feel good about yourself. >> fill if white bags, go to safeway and drop off some food. again wusa9 is a proud sponsor. brian, thank you for joining us. see you on this street this weekend. >> thank you for your service in scouting. >> absolutely, happy to do it. howard is up next with the weekend forecast. >> lots of sunshine and the nor'easter pulling away losing its influence but still breezy. gusts to near 30 miles an hour. quick look at temps before we head to breakers upper 40s and
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low -- break, upper 40s and low 50 now. more to the weekend. full seven day forecast when we return.
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and the reaction that's coming from it. >> reporter: earlier this year, the weather channel announced that it will give names to winter storms that in their words -- will produce significant effects on a populated area. their theory is that if a storm has a name it will be taken more seriously by the public. the network is not setting any specific guidelines like snow amounts for the storms but they're going to get names like brutus, magnus and plato. this is the first time a national company has attempted to name storms. but local tv stations wfsb in hartford, connecticut has been naming storms for more than 40 years. the meteorologist mark dixon says the station will only name a storm if it's expected to bring at least 6 inches of snow or a half inch of ice to the viewers. today's storm doesn't make the cut. and dixon says his station won't be calling it athena
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either. what if it's an epic dud? we'll find out sooner or later, erica grow, 9news now. >> what do you think? erica says the general feeling outside the weather channel has been to sort of ignore this whole thing that they're trying to put together. even the tv stations that are own bid the same company as the weather channel are deciding you know what? i don't want to do this. >> i think this is wrong. this may not be a bad idea per se but i think it's wrong when a private company decided we're going to do this. as meteorologists we have a community and when we give you the watches and the warnings they're coming from the national weather service and we have a consistency message. we know people flip back and forth and if we start giving one message here and another there, confusion will be rampant. for them to do it outfires let's building a consensus among the meteorological community. i think it's just a marketing and bad. >> it's not science. s the more about trying to brand it. >> yeah. no question about it. in my opinion. >> all right. so let's talk about the weather
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this day. and as we head forward. >> the nor'easter is pulling away and you can see the sunshine returning. the breeze we're going to have to deal with and once this truly pulls out, the weather this weekend is going to be spectacular. for having kind of a chilly couple of days. let's show you the day planner for the afternoon because sunshine couple of clouds here and there. but overall we're in good shape with temperatures rising to the low to mid-50s. already in the low 50s in many areas, i don't think we'll get but a few degrees warmer this afternoon before falling off to about 50 by 5:00 which happens to be the sunset time tonight. a sunset past 5:00 p.m. until january 4th. 7:00 p.m., 47 degrees. and by 9:00 we're down to 45. winds will get lighter and still 5 to 10 tonight and so 30s for lows. low 30s north and west and upper 30s here in town. this storm is impressive looking on the satellite and radar. i don't know if you can see this very well but this had quite a little tight circulation there. still throwing bands of rain southeast new england over parts of connecticut. eastern long island. but the clouds by us which were
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thicker this morning have really started to thin out and we're seeing skies which turned partly to mostly sunny and temperatures are responding. up to 52 now in frederick. 50 annapolis and cambridge. out west we've got up 40s even low 50s. the only real cold stuff is in oakland at 32. of course they had 2.5 feet of snow from sandy. this is the first time in like recorded weather history that we've had two major snowstorms affecting parts of the northeast. if you include sandy snow, before november 10th. that's how rare and how cold it has been. 21-mile an hour wind gusts if frederick and 29 in york and 29 culpepper. 28 easton. so those wind gusts may get to 30 but they're not going to get too much stronger. outside on the michael & son weather camera that's a nice looking sky about it here at noon. northwest d.c.. 52 degrees. although national reports mostly cloudy it's obviously -- reported mostly cloudy it's obviously mostly sunny in the northwest. the dew point is in the teens and the relative humidity only 23%. the air mass bone dry.
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it's cold too but now the cold is moving into the northern rockies and plains and the warmth you see there. dallas 82. that's going to be kicked up to the east and northeast. because there's a big storm. this thing offshore producing the rains on the coast, going to produce blizzard conditions in montana. maybe a couple of feet of snow in the mountains. and force the warm air our way and also going to give a kick to our nor'easter to get it out of here. so high pressure builds in. we see the winds calm down and tonight, be clear and 30s and then we start the warming trend. today, 54. maybe 55 or so. windy with those gusts near 30 at times. tonight upper 30s in town. low 30s out on the burbs with lighter north we remember winds. 60 tomorrow -- northwesterly wind. 60 tomorrow and then saturday check this out. 65 it's going fob fantastic and even better on sunday. with the heart walk saturday morning at nats park. join me and anita brikman, coemceing that. sunday the skins have a bye and the ravens' game should be sweet. monday will be around 70. it is thursday at noon.
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that means it's time for pet line 9. joining me today is sandra navarro with the prince george's county spca. what a sweet dog. i've been playing with lollipop before we came on air. >> she's the polar opposite of high maintenance. 4-year-old sweet little poodle. even a condo or apartment pet. >> for a 4-year-old dog not a lot of puppy left. really kind of settled down. >> she has her moments of excitement. but she travels well in a car. and she'd be great with another dog. she even does well with cats. >> this was a cruelty case i understand. >> she was all matted up and i think some people don't realize there's a lot of maintenance that goes into taking care of a poodle. >> so they don't get matted up. >> so people want to meet little lollipop she'll be at the show this saturday at the petsmart in calverton silver spring. >> a little dog so easy to take
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care of. doesn't eat too much and you'll have a love of your life if you come get her. if you can get the information for the prince george's county spca. be going to our website. with at go to the pet line section and all the information is there. and stick around, because we've got more of 9news now at noon right after this.
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welcome back. our next guest will be momentarily dancing up a storm all for a good cause and for public safety. only group fitness instructor beth know advantage has organized is zumba thon all to help the satellite station out in olney. >> the satellite station is on georgia avenue near the intersection of 108 in a giant parking lot. >> okay. >> and -- >> what needs to be done? we're raising money for a reason because it sort of needs to be -- >> pretty much everything.
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>> renovated? >> yes. it needs a new roof. it needs interior, not talking cosmetics. this is structural. >> and this is a valuable substation or -- is that the right word substation? >> satellite station. yeah, it's very valuable to the community. there are about 45,000 people that depend on that presence in the community. of course i think it's a deterrent for a criminal having it right there. it's a quicker response time. i think it's a win/win situation for everybody. >> okay so the zumba thon is when and the people want to come how to do it? >> it is on sunday, at good council high school in olney. from 1:00 to 3:00. you can go to and register and it's just going to be a great time. just come and move your body and have a good time. we'll have a raffle. refreshments are being donated by safeway. and we're very close to raising the $10,000 that's needed. >> excellent. we're going to link all the
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information to our website. let's get the groove on. kick out the music, these guys are going to get started. and that will be it. we'll see you guys back here at 5:00. so let's dance. ♪ [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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